Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What optional facilities are available if it storms or is very hot ?

A: First and foremost - We have certified Athletic Trainer who monitors the weather conditions as well as the campers. Camp coaches give the campers plenty of water breaks and will bring the campers inside (AC) for a mid-morning break of at least 15-20 minutes. We also can make use of our Indoor Gyms (AC) for indoor soccer mornings and afternoons when it is very hot. Campers have the option to swim for 30-45 minutes each day in the late afternoon. ( full day only) 

Q: What type of supervision do you provide?
A: All activities, both on and off the field are supervised by staff members. Staff also reside on-campus in the residence halls during residential sessions. No one is allowed to leave campus or their group during camp.
Q: For which of the four camps should I REGISTER?
A: Each camp is designed for a different level player to allow for a competitive and challenging environment. Usually age and experience are the best factors to consider in making a decision on which camp to SIGN UP  for.
Q: What do campers do in their free time?
A: There is very little free time. We provide a full day of training.
Q: Do you have medical staff?
A: We have athletic trainers on staff 24 hours a day.
Q: Are teams welcome?
A: Teams are encouraged to attend and qualify for a DISCOUNT . Teams will be trained together with special focus topics if requested. Nothing can take the place of a week together in a total soccer environment for team development and unity.
Q: Can parents and coaches come and watch?
A: All sessions are open to parents and /or coaches. Evening scrimmage games provide a great opportunity to bring the VIDEO CAMERA .
Q: Can you come to our site/location to do a camp?
A: Yes. We can come to your site or location and do a half or full day camp. Contact us for more information.
Q: Does the camp provide EDUCATION  regarding college recruitment?
A: Yes. At the College ID sessions, campers benefit from our college recruiting panel discussion, which features college coaches giving insight into the college recruiting process and the opportunities open to men and women in college soccer.
Q: I am from outside the Memphis area. Can I arrange airport transportation with you?
A: Yes. For our out of town PARTICIPANTS  we can arrange round trip airport transport for a  $50 fee. Contact us with your request.